Brilliant Beet

Im actually at a campsite being a chaperone to a class today. Its super hot here and I’m already all sweaty! Regretted to have swapped my role as a specialist at Kallang for Kayaking experience for a chaperone to a class doing Orienteering activity. Reason for swapping role was because I have been feeling a slight pain at my belly button (one of area for the keyhole surgery). But its on and off. I hope there is no complications. 😦 Yikes! And I wasn’t expecting the class to walk the entire of Sembahwang Park from 9! And we will only end at 1300hrs! 😭😭😭

I will take this time to pen down a few things that has been going on since the last that I’ve updated. 

1) Alhamdulillah it has been 2 months plus since the surgery. I guess I have been recovering well and getting support from my closests. It could have been at 14 weeks and 4 days today. But Allah knows best. Not our rezeki. In sha Allah when we are ready, He will blessed us with one. 😌
2) Renovation! We have already decided on our ID in December after checking out a few (less than 5). Gotten to know them from FB, and from the reviews we believe that it will be the best choice to fit out budget since we won’t be taking any loans.

Confirmed and signed our contract in mid Dec ’16 and we went to Ceramic World to choose our tiles for our living and toilet. OMG, I tell you its so hard to actually decide on one especially when tgh mata rambang (of course will rambang since all so cantik!). ​Mata rambang kan?!

We waited for about 3 weeks for our drawing from our ID. And Alhamdulillah it was worth the wait ☺️. Come I show you the kitchen that they came out with.And their package was inclusive of a system 3 Mitsubishi aircon and Alhamdulillah with what that we requested, they accomodated to it and it was way lesser than expected. Walls was alrd hacked in Jan and they took a break due to CNY, and today the ID and the electrician will be coming to do the wiring. 

Cannot wait for the final outcome, and to call it our Home. 

It’s been a month and 2 days


Photo credits to Kak Airon from D’Shootz Studio Photography

Salam semua!

Syukur kepada Allah that I’m a wife to NM for a month already. It has been an experience for me and it feels so surreal to be waking up to the person that I had never imagined spending my life with. But Alhamdulillah. Time really flies and we are still adjusting and getting used to our new status.

I’ve not been updating because I am busy with work-related things (urgh), tuition and also the fact that we both are constantly taking turns to stay over at our parents. So its either Jurong East or Choa Chu Kang, but I am not complaining as I understand some had to take turns to travel from one end to another.

My parents have been constantly reminding me that I have a husband to come home to and that I should not leave him alone on his own at home. But sometimes I have no choice but to leave home without him because the husband has things to do (work, assignment, his own time). So basically its a time away from each other for our own me-time.

My in-laws on the other hand had been so warm making sure I do feel at home and my FIL especially also made sure that we both will never go hungry when we are there. FIL never fails to cook up something for us when he knows we are going over. I am ever so thankful. Although they don’t speak much but when we have the chance to have conversations, it will sure be a fulfilling one. Alhamdulillah.

Have not been updating since the wedding but I guess I will try to update a little on the whole event in this entry. Actually the whole event execution from all the vendors went well and service was delivered accordingly. But just one company had to ruin my mood. I can be understanding and accommodating but when you try to cover up something with lies is just a no no. Will blog about it in the next entry. All the help from my family and friends do play a part too in making the event a successful one.

Me and NM hasn’t had the time to do visiting to say thanks to our elders that had contributed in every way for our majlis. Hopefully soon or perhaps during the coming long weekends.

As for our honeymoon, we kind of regret booking everything the day before flying off because the price goes way high and that my parents had to comment that we were just wasting our money. But due to our schedules and everything that happened along the way, me and NM didn’t come together to make the decision to book early for our trip. So BTBs please take note, don’t wait till the last minute to do the booking okay because the money that we used for our flight and accommodation could definitely be used to go somewhere further.

Unofficial photos from our wedding and one or a few photos from our Honeymoon in Bali.


The moment before the akad; don’t ask why is my face cramping up hahaha


My heart and soul